the Wittenberg Trail

why swim the tiber? walk the trail instead.

Ok. You want more than praise bands, power points, and pep talks from your church experience. That's good. You've discovered liturgy. That's good. You're reading the Church Father's, and Church history and realizing that what you've been taught as an evangelical (Baptist, Pentecostal, Charismatic. Wesleyan etc...) doesn't line up with the belief and practice of the ancient Church. Now what? Maybe you think your only option is reunion with Rome and "conversion" to the Roman Catholic faith? There is however a better option, and that option is to unite with the church of the Lutheran confessions. Confessional Lutheran churches are both catholic and evangelical, maintaining the ancient faith, and proclaiming the Gospel with clarity and without addition. They are liturgical, sacramental, and faithful to the traditions and practices of the historic Christian Church. You can explore and learn about them here on this website. Having done so, hopefully the Lord will lead you to consider walking the Wittenberg Trail with us.

Join Pastor Dan Landin (St. James Lutheran Church Holland, Indiana) and Pastor Chad Kyler (St. Paul's Lutheran Church West Falls, NY). As they tackle a variety of subjects from the Bible, and theology, to the nightly news and current events from a Lutheran Christian perspective.

Lutheran Pastor's Tackle is available on YouTube and Spotify.